The Leadership Well™ Center is a hub and network,
empowering Conscious Counsel® and Mindful Managers®

Conscious Counsel® Vision

Lawyers Leading and Living Well®


Why Conscious Counsel®

The legal profession can be challenging, as busy problem solvers, juggling personal, professional, and community responsibilities. Many are drawn to law school to serve, advocate, and make a difference. Yet graduates and lawyers feel like they have to choose between doing good and doing well. We can integrate our purpose, passion, peace, and prosperity.

As we enrich our lives, we enrich those around us, and become stronger role models and leaders. Lawyers are often called to lead and many leaders have legal backgrounds in government, corporate, community - locally, nationally, and internationally. 

In strengthening our foundation and focus, we enhance our impact as intentional leaders. We have power to do good, great good, and we already have. 

Leadership Well™ is a hub and network connecting people and resources, supporting Conscious Counsel® and Mindful Managers®.

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